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Ilex Aquifolium “Argenteomarginata”

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The most beautiful and ornamental of all hollies, Broad-leaved Silver Holly is an evergreen shrub which grows irregularly in the first years, sometimes conical and sometimes rounded, but always dense. Leaves from ovoidal to lanceolate, up to 8cm long and 4cm wide, leathery and unevenly undulate at the edges with 7-9 prickly teeth on both sides and one sharp tooth at the tip. When the leaves begin to form in late spring, they are tinged with purple, creating an attractive contrast with the leaves already present. Then they turn glossy, dark green, evenly variegated in silvery-white which later turns creamy-white. Some leaves are completely yellow. Very abundant showy red berries on female plants, forming in September.

Use singly, in groups or with other plants and in hedges. Suitable for all gardens and for growth in pots. This is a hardy plant that withstands the cold and tolerates pruning.