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Osmanthus Aquifolium (Hiiragi / Holly Olive ) – 1 Ball

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    A magnificent 150 cm diameter topiary ball clipped from Osmanthus aquifolium (Sweet Olive) that would look equally stunning as a centrepiece in a border or displayed as a container plant in a courtyard.Osmanthus aquifolium (Sweet Olive) is a handsome Japanese evergreen shrub with deep green, glossy foliage. Its leathery leaves have sharply serrated margins and osmanthus aquifolium is easily mistaken for a green-leaved Holly. At the end of autumn sweet olives bear tiny fragrant greenish-white flowers .

    A tough shrub hardy to -20C, pest and disease free that can withstand wind and weather. Older plants are best for growing in areas prone to severe frost as they will survive temperatures down to -24C with some burnt foliage.Osmanthus aquifolium likes moist but well-drained, humus rich, preferably acidic soil. It prefers full sun but can suffer from sun scorch if exposed to direct sunlight when soil is frozen for long periods.

    Pot size (litres) : 240 (cm)